National Women’s Show – Mini Beauty Reviews

The National Women’s Show was held earlier this month with over 500 exhibitors, ranging from beauty and wellness to food and beverage. There were long lines for freebies and samples, and everyone (most of them were suburban moms I think?) went there to shop. As an urbanite slash millennial, even though I felt out of place, I actually quite enjoyed browsing around and ended up picking up a few beauty products myself!

Jordane Cosmetics – I wasn’t drawn to the packaging of their products, but I was told that they only use high end raw materials as their ingredients and all products are free of Parabens. Together with the affordable prices, I decided to give this company a chance and picked up two lip products. I was in the market for a clear gloss but the girl recommended their lip plumper (not available on their site) instead. She explained that it’s the same product as the lip gloss but infused with cinnamon powder. The tingling sensation is very bearable and I’m a fan of cinnamon. The plumping effect it gives is quite natural yet effective, so it all worked out for me! As for the lipstick, with fall approaching, I went with a dark red. It’s not the most long-lasting creamy lipstick I own, but I like that it’s infused with avocado oil and Vitamin E. It’s really moisturizing and feels great on the lips.

My Makeup Brush Set – I have always been intrigued by the oval brushes all over Youtube and Instagram. But it’s hard for me to take the plunge and spend over $400 on a brush set from Artis, not knowing whether I would actually like the unconventional shape. I’m one to invest a little more on quality tools, but when I saw how affordable the sets were, I knew I had to pick up a set. I bought this set of 10 oval brushes for only $40 and have been enjoying them more than I thought I would! Even though the handles are lighter than what I would like, the bristles are actually very soft and they blend cream products into the skin like a dream! I have only used the larger brushes for face makeup but so far, I have been loving them a lot and I’m so glad I picked it up. With that price for 10 brushes, the set was such a steal!

Saint Cosmetics – Saint Cosmetics is a high-performance vegan cosmetics brand where its plant-based products are made with natural and organic ingredients, everything is toxic-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, etc. I’m not one to obsess over “healthy” beauty products but I have been a little bit more aware of what I use ever since I visited the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and after being introduced to Juice Beauty. I picked up two lip glosses (sex kitten and pure romance) and a blush (passionate plum). I must say – I’m obsessed! The blush is very pigmented and easy to blend, and I have been using it all week. The lip glosses act more like a creamy liquid lipstick than an actual lipgloss, but I actually prefer it that way because that makes them longer-lasting. I love the two colours and they look gorgeous either worn alone or paired together for an ombré look. Did I mention how gorgeous their packaging is? I’m such a sucker for anything white and gold!

Have you been to the National Women’s Show before. If so, what are your thoughts and did you buy anything there? Let me know in the comments section below!


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