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I was on an Uber one day and N15 Hair Salon caught my eye – I noticed how gorgeous it looked from the outside and seeing the Japanese characters under the name, I knew right away that they specialized in Asian hair care. Rewind back to last year, I chopped my long balayage hair (which was also super dead and fried at the time) and told myself that I could rock the long bob look. But I was wrong – I didn’t feel like myself and it took a million years for my hair to grow back. Earlier this month, I realized my hair was finally ready for a new look, so I paid them a visit!

When I first stepped into the salon, I fell in love with the minimalistic decor and stunning copper accents. Not gonna lie – the place was really Instagrammable! I was immediately greeted by the staff and my colourist Jun introduced himself. They also offered me a cup of Japanese roasted rice tea, which was a lovely touch.

I communicated with the co-owner Jessie before my appointment so Jun had a general idea of what I wanted – a subtle balayage with beautiful dimensions. I was open to bleaching my hair one time only, and I wanted something easy to maintain. I still had some leftover colour at my tips so I also needed him to fix that.

The whole colouring process was straight forward. Jun started with a quick blowout to see what he was working with, then he worked his magic and started colouring and bleaching my hair. One thing that I was really impressed by was these little “shower caps” they put on my ears. I couldn’t take a good photo of them but they were plastic covers that protected my ears and earrings while my hair was being coloured – how genius! And while I was waiting in between rinses, I didn’t want to sit around and do nothing, so I pulled out my laptop and worked. The wifi was really fast and stable, so I thought I would give that a mention.

Et voilà! After about 3ish hours, the hideous leftover colours were replaced by soft, beautiful shades of dark brown and the cool highlights gave a more ashy and delicate look. I was absolutely blown away by the colour and how soft and healthy my hair felt!

If you decide to go to N15, I highly recommend Jun. He is nice and funny, and his work is amazing! He carefully explained to me that my hair colour would lighten after a few washes and if I’d like to keep it ashy, all I needed was purple shampoo. I was really happy with the outcome and impressed by my experience there, so when Jessie asked if I wanted to get eye lash extensions done by their Master Eyelash Extension Specialist Ayumi later that week, I had to say yes!

So just a little bit of background story on my lashes – I have been to two other salons for extensions before. They were slightly more affordable but I was never 100% happy with what I got –  either the extensions weren’t long-lasting, or the results just weren’t exactly what I wanted. Let’s be honest, eyelash extensions are a luxury, so when you’re investing money to something that requires maintenance, you want to make sure you get it right. And guess what, Ayumi restored my faith in eyelash extensions. She is a true master!

The appointment started with a quick consultation of what kind of look I would like. I wanted something fairly dramatic so I went for the full and luxe option, which came with about 100 lashes per eye. I believe the lashes were a blend of 13mm and 14mm with a C curl (from A to D I believe) but it’s hard for me to explain how they look, so let’s just refer to the before-and-after photo below –

Just look at that difference! *insert heart eyes emoji here* The whole process took a little over an hour  only and I felt absolutely nothing – no pulling or tugging of my eye area or lashes at all. I actually felt so comfortable that I (embarrassingly) fell asleep intermittently. Ayumi also applied a lash coating essence designed for eye lash extensions to nourish my lashes, and gave me a really nice quality spoolie to take home so that I can brush my lashes when needed. I had such an amazing experience with Ayumi not only because of how amazing my lashes looked, but also because of how sweet and friendly she was!

All in all, I am absolutely in love with N15 Hair Salon and I will absolutely go back. I grew up in Hong Kong and in the past few years of living in Toronto, it wasn’t the easiest for me to be 100% happy with the hair colouring or eyelash extension services I received. Asian hair and eye shapes are quite different so I am a true believer of amazing Asian salons, and N15 delivers! Show them this blog post or any of my social media posts related to them, and you can receive 15% off any services for your first visit if you pay cash. Whether you want to get your hair or lashes done, I highly recommend them!

This post features complimentary services.

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