kaia naturals takesumi detox bamboo charcoal deodorant

kaia naturals takesumi detox bamboo charcoal deodorant

Did you know sweat is odourless? You are not supposed to stink even if you sweat a lot, unless your sweat glands are filled with toxins. Armpit talk may seem kinda weird and gross, but I have discovered an amazing natural deodorant that can combat body odour once and for all, so you may still want to keep reading!

I’m sure you’ve heard of all the bad things about antiperspirants – how aluminum may cause breast cancer, or even Alzheimer’s. I don’t know how true those claims are, but it’s known that aluminum blocks your sweat glands, holds all your toxins in, and prevents them from flowing out of the body naturally. I decided to make the switch to a natural deodorant three years ago, but when I came across kaia naturals’ takesumi charcoal deodorant ($21), I was intrigued! While charcoal detoxes sweat glands of harmful substances, it helps regulate humidity as well, keeping the underarms dry without clogging your sweat glands. It also has the ability to prevent growth of bacteria, hence, helps fight body odour altogether. That already sounds much better than the mediocre natural deodorant I was using!

I started using this deodorant in February. They recommend that you use it for 4 weeks straight to “detox” your sweat glands and adjust to the ingredients slowly. I’m not really a stinky or sweaty person to begin with, and my body wasn’t new to natural deodorants, so I didn’t go through a “breakthrough odour” stage (which tends to happen when your sweat glands detox from built-up toxins, bacteria, and chemicals). But one thing I’ve noticed was that my armpits are slightly brighter! The charcoal acted as a magnet pulling out all the toxins out of my sweat glands and pores, allowing the skin to heal better every time after I shave or epilate. So while it kept me from being stinky, my underarm area got prettier as well! Two thumbs up right there. I also really like the rose scent – it’s fresh, and not old lady-like. The product glides on smoothly and has a slip to it, so you don’t have to really rub the product on to make sure it applies. I have been using it for over a month, and I’m pretty sure it will last for another 4-5 months or more.

Case in point? This all-natural charcoal-based deodorant effectively draws out impurities and keeps my underarms healthy and bright. I have really been enjoying it and would highly recommend it! Do you use a natural deodorant? If you do, what brand is it and how do you like it? If not, pick up yours here or head over to Anthropologie!

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  1. I didn’t know that sweat was odourless – I don’t get stinky either but it’s good to know I don’t have all those toxins haha! I’m really tempted to try this, but I hear that charcoal products aren’t good for people on birth control :/ I’ll have to look more into it!

    1. Definitely look more into it – there are so many cool products with charcoal these days and I mean… if it’s all natural, it can’t be (that) bad right?

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