A Lesson in Self-Love

Last week, I went to a seminar featuring lingerie designer slash Canadian babe Mary Young. She talked about her journey to self-love, and how she trained her mind to change the way she looked at herself. Since we are celebrating the day of love and romance tomorrow, I thought I would add a few things to this amazing self-love to-do list Mary shared at the seminar.

FIND A HOBBY THAT NURTURES YOU – We all know that alone time is important, but binge watching Netflix with a glass of wine in hand might not be the healthiest way to embrace it. My suggestion? Find a hobby that you can do alone that also nurtures your mind! For instance, the first day left my 9-5 job, I completed a painting in one sitting and it felt amazing. Spend quality alone time and do something that allows you to connect with yourself – learn to play the guitar or buy an adult colouring book, there are so many fun hobbies that you can do alone that is also good for your mind.

SAY NO AND IGNORE – Self-love is more than just thinking of yourself as pretty enough. A big part of it is knowing your worth and living by it. We all have busy lives and sometimes we worry about others and their priorities so much that we forget about ourselves and what we really want. Which is why ignoring certain things and learning to say no to people is important – whether it be ignoring your boss’ calls during unreasonable hours or saying no to coffee with an acquaintance you don’t care about. Know that your time and presence is only worthy of people who deserve it at the right time.

BETTER YOURSELF – You can learn to love yourself as who you are, but you can also improve yourself while you’re at it! There are things that you don’t love about yourself that are easily fixable. Let’s say you’re not happy with your weight, or you want to become an expert in your field – so go join a workout class, or read up at the library! While you’re working towards improving yourself, remember – don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect. It’s a journey and we’re all learning. Accept who you are, and work hard to better yourself, inside and out.

What are your thoughts on self-love and do you do anything to practice it? Share them with me in the comment section below or on social!

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