The Natural Curator – New Year, New Beauty

I know it’s already February, but everyone I know (myself included!) are still sticking with their new year’s resolutions and leading a healthier lifestyle! If you’re a beauty junkie like me, what’s better than incorporating cleaner products in your routine? These brands and products may not seem the most accessible, but all thanks to Canada’s newest natural beauty e-commerce platform The Natural Curator, we Canadian babes are covered!

The Natural Curator is the ultimate destination for the best in natural beauty. They offer an amazing curation of the finest clean and natural beauty products from around the globe! The founders Karine and Gabrielle believe that natural products are the future of beauty. They think that the power of nature is the only way to improve our beauty inside out. And by avoiding any toxic ingredients, nature’s active ingredients can work in the most impactful ways for our skin and bodies. Their mission is to establish the new norm in the beauty industry where natural beauty equals sophistication. The brands and products curated not only deliver results, they are unique luxury brands from all over the world that you don’t just find anywhere! I’m actually very new to the whole natural beauty thing, but I definitely agree it’s going to be huge with everyone being so much more aware of what they put in and on their bodies. Being a complete noob in this area, there are definitely quite a few brands that The Natural Curator has selected that I’d love to try out for myself!

ILIA is a no-brainer! It’s one of the most popular modern natural beauty brands out there that I have actually have never shopped from. I tried their Illuminator at the back of my hand, and the glow-from-within it gives is like nothing I’ve seen before – it’s so natural yet impactful. Just beautiful!

As much as I love products with neutral and minimalistic packaging, Vapour Beauty really caught my eye with their gorgeous metallic blue tubes. They have these beautiful Multi Use Radiant sticks that can be used on the cheeks, eyes, and lips. Who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product?

Patyka was the skincare line that really stood out to me from everything else. Every product that I picked up just felt luxurious and I’m such a sucker for French brands! I’d love to try their Huile Absolue – a beauty oil that works on your face, body, and hair.

Lastly, tenoverten and AILA are the two nail polish brands they currently carry. I absolutely love painting my nails at the comfort of my own home so I’m always on the hunt for new nail polish brands and technologies. Keeping your nails strong and healthy isn’t the easiest when you constantly have polish on, so I’m intrigued to try these healthier options! And look at that green – isn’t it just stunning?

A special thank you to The Natural Curator for having me at their awesome launch event last week. It was the first PR event I was invited to as a blogger! As someone who has only been doing this for 3 months, I felt so humbled and flattered to be included in Toronto’s beauty community. It was such an educational event and not only have I learnt so much about the benefits of natural and green beauty products, I also had the opportunity to meet bloggers that I’ve been following for ages! Are you a natural beauty junkie yourself and do you have any favourites brands or products? Check out The Natural Curator‘s beautiful website and see what they have to offer!

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