5 things I learnt from my Exchange Year in France

pierrevert france

Participating in an exchange program was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Just a bit of background story, I grew up in Hong Kong and was only 17 at the time. I wanted to study abroad but wasn’t sure if I was ready, so I did some research and realized that there were other options. The idea seemed a little bit terrifying at first, but I told myself – screw it, let’s do it. So I took the plunge, went to France for one academic year, and learnt a few things.

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N15 Hair Salon Hair Colour and Eyelash Extensions

n15 hair salon toronto

I was on an Uber one day and N15 Hair Salon caught my eye – I noticed how gorgeous it looked from the outside and seeing the Japanese characters under the name, I knew right away that they specialized in Asian hair care. Rewind back to last year, I chopped my long balayage hair (which was also super dead and fried at the time) and told myself that I could rock the long bob look. But I was wrong – I didn’t feel like myself and it took a million years for my hair to grow back. Earlier this month, I realized my hair was finally ready for a new look, so I paid them a visit!

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A Lesson in Self-Love

Last week, I went to a seminar featuring lingerie designer slash Canadian babe Mary Young. She talked about her journey to self-love, and how she trained her mind to change the way she looked at herself. Since we are celebrating the day of love and romance tomorrow, I thought I would add a few things to this amazing self-love to-do list Mary shared at the seminar.

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The Natural Curator – New Year, New Beauty

I know it’s already February, but everyone I know (myself included!) are still sticking with their new year’s resolutions and leading a healthier lifestyle! If you’re a beauty junkie like me, what’s better than incorporating cleaner products in your routine? These brands and products may not seem the most accessible, but all thanks to Canada’s newest natural beauty e-commerce platform The Natural Curator, we Canadian babes are covered!

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