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origins ginzing collection

September means back to school, and back to school means lots of late nights! Whether you’re staying up to study for a midterm or to party your night away, tired skin is never a cute look. My school days may be behind me, but I still need to combat dull skin for that bright and hydrated complexion. And the Origins GinZing collection is perfect for that! Formulated with coffee beans and panax ginseng, these products help get your tired skin energized in no time.

If you don’t know what panax ginseng is, it’s a root plant that is often consumed with hot water as a tea in Asia. It has great energy boosting properties and can help reduce stress and promote relaxation, among other amazing health benefits. And caffeine in coffee beans – you already know what it does. But one thing to note is that caffeine also has soothing and anti-aging properties (have you seen those cellulite coffee scrubs all over Instagram?), so it can really help combat dullness to restore radiance and glow to tired skin.


origins ginzing gel moisturizer

This gel moisturizer has a lightweight consistency (see below) that resembles a soft cream. It has a refreshing citrus scent that doesn’t linger once it’s absorbed. And because of its texture, it takes no longer than a minute or two for my skin to drink it up! It’s perfect for anyone who wants maximum hydration with minimal fuss. All you need is one thin layer and your skin will be hydrated all day long! Since it’s so light, it’s also perfect if you like to layer other skincare products under or over it.

origins ginzing gel moisturizer


origins ginzing eye cream

This was actually the first eye cream I’ve purchased for myself and I still love it. (Well, not this exact tub. But you know what I mean!) It depuffs your eye bags with a refreshing cooling sensation and it keeps your under eye area hydrated all day long. It also has a slight salmon-colour tint to brighten those annoying dark circles, which really comes in handy. This is my go-to eye cream for no make-up days. So that my eye bags won’t be too terrifying even without concealer! And since you only need a tiny amount each time, one tub can last you a very, very long time.

origins ginzing eye cream
Top swatch: eye cream before blending, Bottom swatch: blended and absorbed


origins ginzing brightening mascara

This is a great mascara for those lazy days when I just need to be quick with my makeup. It’s decent at holding curls with my point-striaght-down Asian lashes as a non-waterproof mascara, but what I like about it is its large brush. It makes application really easy and fast. Swipe, swipe, and done! And its formula volumizes without clumping! Not my favourite from the lineup, but it’s still something that I reach for every now and then.


origins ginzing tinted moisturizer

I love this product SO MUCH! I have been using it all summer and I’ll continue to use and repurchase it until I find something better. It hydrates, energizes, perfects, and protects my skin all in one simple step. It’s not easy to find a tinted moisturizer that actually has coverage (buildable too!). And it’s even harder to find a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or more. If I’m just going to spin class or running an errand, I’ll apply one layer on cleansed skin and call it a day. If I’m going out with makeup and all, I use this as a second layer of sun protection and a tinted makeup base. It’s moisturizing without being too rich or thick, so I can simply apply a thin layer of foundation and concealer over it for that flawless complexion. One thing to note – it applies off-white and blends into a light-medium shade (see below). So make sure you swatch it in-stores first if you have a deeper skin tone.

origins ginzing tinted moisturizerorigins ginzing tinted moisturizer


origins ginzing collection

The Origins GinZing collection is a cult favourite for good reason. As you can tell, the tinted moisturizer has captured my heart completely and I’m a huge fan of the eye cream and the gel moisturizer. These products are available at Origins.ca and in-stores at Sephora and Hudson’s Bay. I highly recommend that you check them out if you find your skin looking a little dull! What are your thoughts about these products? And if you love anything else from Origins, let me know!

This post contains PR samples.


  1. I’ve heard great things about the ginzing line before but haven’t had the chance to try anything yet. I’m interested in the tinted moisturizer and it seems like the shade would work on me. Definitely gonna check it out at Sephora next time I stop by! Great post xo

    1. The tinted moisturizer will adapt to your shade as long as you’re within the light-medium range. And since it’s not full coverage, you can always pair it with a foundation or a concealer to create the look you want 🙂

  2. I’ma fan of Origens, although it’s been awhile that I have used this brand, but I know for a fact they are quality products. Loving your review and it really sounds like these are winners. I would have to look into these!

  3. The ginzing eye cream was my first eye cream too! Haha. I still remember I was debating between this and the avocado one from Kiehl’s. It’s definitely a great product and it’s so brightening! Now I need to check out the rest of the line 🙂

    1. The Kiehl’s avocado eye cream was actually my first evening eye cream! I like the Origins ginzing one more though – it’s a unique formula and it’s so perfect for tired mornings.

  4. ah origins is one of my favourite brands! and I love the Gingsing collection. I have the eye cream and it makes my eyes look so much more awake. great post!

  5. OOooo i love Ginseng as an ingredient for skin care! I wonder how it’ll be if I used it also in my makeup 😀 Interested in the eye cream – the salmon tint will definitely help with my dark under eyes lol

  6. I love the Origins GinZING line! Unfortunately I had to stop using it because I had a reaction to the eye cream. I was so upset because I loved it to much!

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