How to narrow down your Winterlicious choices

As a foodie, it’s simply impossible to try all the amazing restaurants in Toronto without breaking the bank. Which is why I love culinary events like Winterlicious – I get to enjoy a 3-course meal for as little as $18! But trust me, picking out the right restaurants can be tricky at times, esp. with 220+ choices. So here are a few tips that I have gathered from my previous Licious experiences that you may find useful when doing your research.

Read the menus thoroughly – make sure you know what you’re getting by checking out their special prix fixe menus ahead of time. We all have a few restaurants that we are dying to try, but they cost a little too much on the regular so you’re just waiting for that special occasion to come up. If you don’t mind not getting the full culinary experience, Winterlicious is the way to go!

Don’t go to a high-end restaurant you already love –  some restaurants are expensive for a reason, and the only way for them to participate in an event like this is to offer something a little less gourmet. The impeccable service and gorgeous decor will still be there, but that squash bisque is most probably not gonna taste as amazing as the foie gras you had last time. But if you know you’ll love whatever they’re offering on their special menu, then go for it!

Try a new cuisine – we all love what we love, but what is life without a little bit of adventure? Make good use of Winterlicious to explore a new cuisine that you have never tried before! Just a quick tip though – compare the restaurant’s regular menu to their Licious menu to see if you’re getting the bang for you buck by participating in the event. If not, you might as well try their regular menu to get a wider variety of choices!

Pick a restaurant with stunning decor – haha no, I’m not kidding! Sometimes, no matter how much research you’ve done on the menu, there is always a possibility that the food might leave you feeling more than a little disappointed. But if you happen to fall in love with the decor and service, the Instagram-worthy experience might convince you to give their regular menu another shot in the future!

Are you going to participate in Winterlicious this year? If you are, what restaurants do you have in mind? I would love to know, so share your picks with me! Just a heads up, reservations are already open so start looking through the menus! Bon appetit x


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