My Favourite Before/After Workout Beauty Products

workout beauty products

About a month ago, I joined the spin cult and started going to classes about 5 times a week. If you know me in real life, you’ll know that’s absolutely crazy… Because I’m the least athletic person in the world. (Seriously.) And being new to this whole workout thing, I realized there are some beauty products that help make it a little more bearable, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites!

*kaia naturals bamboo charcoal deodorant stick ($21)
I mean – using a deodorant before you workout shouldn’t be a big surprise. This deodorant, though, is different because it’s 99% natural. If you haven’t switched to a natural deodorant yet, I urge you to read more about it. But the main reason I love this one so much is that the activated charcoal fights odor-causing bacteria while drawing toxins out. While it helps keep you smelling fresh, it’s also detoxing your pits! (Check out my full review on this product here)

*kaia naturals juicy bamboo cleansing cloths ($15.50)
I was really disappointed with these wipes at first because they were horrible with makeup removal. So I looked at the box again and realized – that’s not what they’re meant for! After a sweaty workout, or on those 5am mornings when I don’t have time to wash my face, I use these to cleanse my skin. And they’re amazing for that! They are very soft and gentle, leaving my skin clean without stripping the moisture. I also love to use them to freshen up after a flight!

*IMAGE Skincare Daily Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free SPF 30+ ($72)
I gave this product a quick mention in my last post, but it really is a life-saver for those super early mornings! As its name suggests, it does 3 things – it evens out your skin tone, it moisturizes, and it protects you against the sun. It doesn’t give you any “coverage”, but I like how it makes my skin look a little more even. And with the built-in SPF, I don’t have to go in with a sunscreen anymore. And it’s actually very moisturizing!

*Miracle 10 Rejuvenating Mist ($25)
After my workout, I wipe my face and I spray this all over. And it feels so good! I didn’t really enjoy this as a makeup setting spray because the spray comes out a bit too strong, but it works so amazing as a post-workout refresher. It has aloe vera, witch hazel, and lavender to hydrate and brighten the skin. And I find that it really gives a nice, cooling feeling which is so nice after a hot, sweaty workout!

Supergoop! Defense Refresh SPF 50 Rosemary Setting Mist ($34)
You know how you’re supposed to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, but you never do? Well, this setting mist has an SPF 50, so you now can! It protects your skin from sun damage, it controls oil, and you can spray it on whenever you need to. I use this post-workout to make sure my skin is protected from the sun. And I like to keep one bottle in the car, one in my workout bag, and one on my vanity to make sure I can reapply SPF as often as needed.

*This post contains PR samples.


    1. Thank you for the read! If you’re into natural products, definitely check out kaia naturals – it’s one of my favourites.

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