Airbnb charm in Central Europe

airbnb budapest

I went to Central Europe with my family for the first time in May and had a lovely time. We visited Budapest, Vienna, and Prague, and all three Airbnbs we stayed at were incredible! My family and I go to Europe every other year. We realized not only is Airbnb a more cost effective choice, it also allows us to experience the character of each city better. 

In Budapest, we lived in a luxury penthouse apartment (pictured above) that was featured as the #1 property in the city. Isn’t it stunning?! You can see the iconic landmark St. Stephen’s Basilica right from the beautiful windows, and its location is walkable to everything you need. As you can see, the space is just gorgeous – with high ceilings, designer furniture, and a huge chandelier. It is definitely the most beautiful space I’ve ever stayed at and I would go back in a heartbeat. It was actually one of the reasons we decided to visit Budapest – I was browsing Airbnbs from different cities and came across this, and I just had to book it right away.

airbnb vienna

In Vienna, we stayed at a cozy apartment which was different from anything we’ve ever stayed at. It was very ornate with gorgeous ceiling moulding, beautiful gold accents, and interesting art and antiques. The owner Sandra lived here with her family for years and there were paintings and portraits of family members (and their dog!) throughout the apartment. We loved that the apartment felt very homey and how safe the area was. Being right across from the Belvedere Palace, we really had a taste of Vienna’s elegance right in this Airbnb.

airbnb prague

For Prague, our Airbnb wasn’t as “special” as the other two. But we loved it regardless! It’s a spacious studio with a lot of sunlight. Right in the heart of the Old Town Square, its location cannot be any better as all the major sights and restaurants were close by. One reason we like booking Airbnbs over hotels is finding the perfect location – you can stay at exactly where you want without breaking the bank. For instance, for a nice hotel room for 3 people in the Old Town Square would cost a lot more than what we paid for this Airbnb.

If you don’t really care for room service, complimentary breakfast, and other hotel amenities, Airbnb is definitely the way to go. These apartments cost around 200CAD per night for us and honestly, it was so worth it. Depending on the city, the location, and your budget, you can really find anything. (I was curious one night and started searching for mansions and castles in Europe. They cost a fortune, but they’re beautiful and grand!) It’s probably harder to find apartments like this for the same price in cities like Paris and London. But Central Europe is generally quite affordable, so I highly recommend going for Airbnb.


  1. Dang, can’t believe how great of a price beautiful Airbnbs are in those places! When I was looking for places in Iceland people were charging that and more for a tiny little room with shared bathrooms! I managed to score a cottage to ourselves for $118 a night and a small apartment to ourselves for $90 a night, but they’re nowhere as gorgeous as these!!

  2. I should probably look at Airbnbs more. Those places you stayed at are gorgeous. I actually like the studio in Prague the most. I just personally prefer clean, simple lines when looking for accommodation.

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