Bonjour, I’m Zoe. Now that I have you here, let me tell you a little bit about myself!

I grew up in Hong Kong, spent a year in France, and moved to Toronto for university. After graduating in Summer 2015, I worked as a sales manager in fashion retail, organized cultural events for a government agency, and managed social media for a beauty startup. Currently, I am a freelance digital marketer working towards a professional certificate in digital strategy and communications.

During my spare time, I enjoy browsing Sephora aimlessly and trying out the newest restaurants in the city. If you find me strolling around my neighbourhood of Yorkville, I am probably on my way to pick up fresh flowers or my favourite juice! I’m also a millennial cliché, so don’t be surprised to see me hopping onto an Uber, taking a million photos of my food, or texting in emojis.

bonjourzoe started as a school project, but it has transformed into a creative platform that chronicles my life as a beauty junkie, avid foodie, and globetrotter. Are you an everyday girl who share the same passions and interests? Keep scrolling through!

See you around xx

P.S. I wanted to mention my cats without shoving it in your face, so I’m saving it for last. Powder and Milo are the cutest cats in the world, so check out them out here!

Last update: March 30, 2017